The following use policy of the website 3dbrandmodels.com relates to provision of resources and services available to all customers of this website.


1. “3dbrandmodels” (http://www.3dbrandmodels.com) – is a website, virtual information resource on the Internet, the property of 3DBrandModels, SIA, which presents 3dbrandmodes products and services and provides the users the opportunity to use different services, as well as to find information via hyperlinks to the resources on 3DBrandmodes server or another server, which is owned by 3DBrandModels.


2. “3DBrandModels, SIA” (“3DBrandModels”) a limited liability company, officially registered and operating in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, with the location in Riga,... 3DBrandModels manages and controls the website – 3dbrandmodels.com.


3. “User” is any real person who is registered and uses the website 3dbrandmodels.com.


4 “Improper activities” - any acts or omissions, violating Internet ethics or being harmful to persons connected to the Internet or related networks, as well as any actions, which can be identified as crimes or administrative violations according to the Latvian or other legislations. Improper actions may include, but are not limited to the following: distribution of unrequested information (spam, mail spam); flood routing (flood); gaining access to resources through the use of rights of foreign users; use of system weaknesses for your own benefit or for information gaining (hack); commission of actions that can be identified as espionage or sabotage; damage or destruction of systems or arrays of information (hacking); sending of information for unauthorized remote access (“Trojan horse”) or with a view to install viruses; or causing the installation of viruses, disorder of the Internet users or other connected networks, etc.


5. “Database” - is a database organized as a catalogue of three-dimensional models of the original interior design products (including, but not limited to furniture, accessories, lamps, carpets, etc.), created by USERS.


6. The presence of computer and other technical equipment, Internet access and connectivity for data set transmission between the user and website, required for the use of 3dbrandmodels, should be provided by the user. 3dbrandmodels is not responsible for the lack of access to the Services for reasons beyond its control (problems with the computer and/or software, problems with the Internet connection, etc.).


7. This use policy shall not apply to the services, which are the subjects of separate agreements, as well as to the relationship between the customer and third parties.


8. Due to the variety of services, their constant expansion and changes in the range, offered by 3dbrandmodels, 3dbrandmodels may change at its own discretion the possibilities and mode of their representation at any time in order to improve and expand their range (free access, access by pre-registration or after registration or making appropriate payment).


9. Due to the variety, constant expansion and change in the services offered by 3dbrandmodels, due to their improvement and expansion of the range, as well as due to the change in legislation related to the provision of services, these Rules can be changed unilaterally by 3dbrandmodels.


10. In case of change of these Rules, 3dbrandmodels undertakes to notify the user of them by placing the text with the corresponding changes on the page 3dbrandmodels.com or the link to the page with the text of the amended Rules.


11. 3dbrandmodels provides the User:

a. limited access to 3dbrandmodels database  and information about the designer and manufacturer of the original interior design product, included in it without the possibility of arrangement of its three-dimensional elements and construction of the interior compositions. In order to use these functions, the user should register on the website 3dbrandmodels.com, pay a fee as determined on the relevant page of the website and will have to confirm the License Agreement;

b. access to other text, graphic, audio and video materials and other resources at 3dbrandmodels.com.


12. The user agrees to follow the rules on the mode of the use of services, as well as on any other line of conduct, set by 3dbrandmodels in order to protect and improve the quality and reliability of services.


13. All intellectual property rights with respect to the content at the website 3dbrandmodels.com, including, but not limited to texts, images, models, graphics, and other video materials, audio materials, diagrams, software, compiling data, databases (including 3dbrandmodels database) and other materials, as well as intellectual property rights to the services are under protection of the Latvian legislation and exclusive property of 3dbrandmodels or the relevant third party (USER), which has granted rights to 3dbrandmodels. The user is not entitled to use the website 3dbrandmodels.com, services or a single content’s element except for the specified purposes.


14. The user access rights do not include the right to copy or recall content of 3dbrandmodels.com or any part thereof, or its element, or use of any intellectual property object belonging to 3dbrandmodels or a third party, unless it involves non-substantial volume of content, only for personal and non-commercial use, which does not violate the legitimate interests of the author or any other owners of intellectual property rights. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user should not remove any notations of information regarding the trademarks or other signs of intellectual property rights from any materials.


15. The user does not have a right to make 3DBrandmodels content or any elements available in any form accessible to the third parties and multifold it. Among other matters, this means that the user should not extract and/or reuse any meaningful parts of 3dbrandmodels content and/or repeatedly and systematically extract and reuse minor parts of the content without written authorization of 3dbrandmodels.


16. In the course of using the website 3dbrandmodels.com, the user undertakes not to upload, transfer to 3dbrandmodels server, as well as make in all other ways available to the third parties the information, data, text, audio materials, files, programs, music, photos, designs, graphics, video materials, messages, as well as other materials that:

a. violate the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, this use policy, Internet ethics, rules of morality and honor;

b. pose danger to human life or physical integrity;

c. are promotional and available without prior authorization of 3dbrandmodels;

d. are pornographic or of any other nature that endangers the normal mental development of minors or violates the rules of morality and honor;

e. contains content that violates human rights and freedoms;

f. contains commercial, business secret or any other information protected by law;

g. are subjects of intellectual property of the third party prior to reception of its consent;

h. violate any tangible or intangible rights or legal rights of the third parties.


17. In case of violation of any requirement of the preceding paragraph, 3dbrandmodels may immediately and without prior notice terminate access of the user and third parties to the relevant content, information and material. In this case, 3DBrandmodels has the right to notify the competent authorities of the breach of law.


18. While using the website 3dbrandmodels, the user agrees:

a. observe the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, the applicable foreign law, the present use policy, Internet ethics, rules of morality and honor;

b. not to offend anyone's reputation and not to call for the violent overthrow of the constitutional order, crime, not to do harm to the person or incite racial, national, ethnic or religious hatred;

c. not to support fascist or other anti-democratic ideology;

d. not to violate the tangible or intangible rights of the third parties, including the right to intellectual property;

e. immediately inform 3DBrandmodels of each case of the committed or identified violation of the use of website 3dbrandmodels.com;

f. not to misrepresent as the legitimate representative of the legitimate object or group of persons, who are not authorized to represent, or mislead the third parties about his/her membership in a certain group of individuals in any other way;

g. not to commit malicious actions.


19. All users are prohibited to upload anything to the server 3dbrandmodels, to deliver, distribute, provide access to the third parties or use for any other purpose the computer programs, files, email applications or other materials or information containing computer viruses, systems for unauthorized remote access (“Trojan Horses”), computer codes or materials, which are designed to interrupt, trouble, disorder, or limit the normal operation of the computer or telecommunications hardware or software, as well as intended for unauthorized entry or access to external resources or programs.


20. Each user agrees not to commit or gain unauthorized access to provided services, user profiles, computer systems or networks connected to the provided services by hacking or using other people's passwords, or in any other way.


21. 3dbrandmodels not obliged and does not have real powers to control the ways of the use of the website 3dbrandmodels by the user, or tracking facts and conditions of illegal activities associated with its use.


22. 3dbrandmodels has the right to post on its website the links and banner ads for the sale of goods and rendering of services by the third-party companies - partners of 3dbrandmodels. 3dbrandmodels is not responsible for the availability and quality of goods and the content of such services and also for the implementation of all the commitments relating to their security, as well as for the actions of the third parties - partners of 3dbrandmodels, which are beyond the control of 3dbrandmodels.


23. 3dbrandmodels is entitled but not obliged to navigate, delete or block, at its own discretion, any part or element of the website content.


24. 3dbrandmodels is entitled but not obliged to keep any content, posted on its server, and make it available to the third parties and competent authorities in case of necessity to protect the rights and legal interests and security of 3dbrandmodels or the third parties, as well as in cases, where the relevant content is requested by the competent authorities.


25. 3dbrandmodels makes every effort to comply with the (validity) of the content, but does not guarantee its authenticity, if it is not stated otherwise on the website 3dbrandmodels.


26. 3dbrandmodels does not guarantee that the provided services will not be interrupted, will be timely, reliable, protected or error-free, if they are not under control and not dependent on the will and abilities of 3dbrandmodels.


27. 3dbrandmodels does not guarantee freedom of provided services from viruses, “Trojan Horses” or other similar programs and systems that violate the normal operation of the computer systems.


28. The risk of using the website 3dbrandmodels.com is entirely the personal responsibility of the user.


29. 3dbrandmodels is not liable for damages caused to the user as a result of the use of the website 3dbrandmodels.com, except for intentional cases or cases of gross negligence on the part of 3dbrandmodels.


30. 3dbrandmodels is not liable for any damage to software or hardware or telecommunications equipment; any loss of data as a result of dealing with the content, downloaded or used services in any other way.


Last update: 01.02.2016