About 3D Brand Models…
3D Brand Model is an online 3D MODEL web market specialized for interior CGI artist needs!  
We are distributing 3D models from 3D artists to 3D artists.
At our webshop you will find furniture, lighting, decorations, accessories and other 3D models made from manufacturer collections by 3D artists.
Our webshop offers to you:
  • Buy 3D models for your projects;
  • Download Free 3D models for your projects;
  • Exchange 3D models with other 3D artist using your earned money from your sales or earned Coins;
  • Sell 3D models to others and earn money - our royalty rate is up to 70% without hidden fees;
  • Order 3D models for your projects for shop price!
Our Story…
We are two friends and we both are 3D CGI artists who are making visualizations, mostly for Interior projects!

During project process we usually faced with the problems to find 3D models from manufacturers, especially from new collections.
Usually there are only past collection models available on the market. We think that YOU too have been faced with the same problem. Right?
So we had to model every model, which we didn't find on 3D models websites!
This of course took some extra of our time and so project deadlines were really hard to complete.
We used 3D model marketplace websites, were we could find some models for our projects if we were lucky. 
Eventually we decided to sell models as well, not only make money with CGI renders.
We had made quit a big collections of models and they were just siting in our HDD! 
So we tried other 3D model marketplaces and tried to sell our models.
We checked their royalty rates, how the sales are going .etc  and we were not happy with these websites.
Why? Well in every of these websites we, as sellers (modelers), who produce models for interior CGI, are in last place in some way!
So as we didn't like what these websites offer to 3D model producers and sellers, we decided to produce our own website.  
We know that out there are lot of great, talented and skilled 3D artists like us, who are modeling 3D models for sale,
so we want to give them an opportunity to sell models to others and really earn money.
Why to join?

·         Up to 70% royalty rate:

We provide fair royalty system and help designers maximize their profits from every product they create

·         Fair and transparent conditions:

Designer never pays any hidden fees like PayPal, Webmoney exchange fees, transfer fees, VAT ect.!

·         Payment systems:

We use PayPal and Webmoney systems for money transfers.

·         We have great bonus systems for our Sellers & Buyers:

We have designed our own special bonus systems Referrals and Coins! 


We think we have made very simple EARNING SYSTEM. 


Our bonus systems.


Coin system

This is bonus point system! With it you can pay for models and other benefits!

As seller with this system, you can download models from others, boost models, publish ad links and you can increase your incomes % per sale up to 70%!

As buyer, you can buy models and publish ad links using Coins!

More about this system and how to earn Coins your can read here


Referral system

This system offers you to earn extra incomes from other sellers.

All you have to do is to join us and invite new users to join us too!

More about this system you can read here .

So JOIN US today and help us build better 3D model marketplace.
Our company details.
We are officially registered company as tax and VAT payers! 
Name:        SIA "3DBrandModels"
Reg. No.:    40103760714
VAT No. :    LV40103760714
Country:    Latvia
Address:      Rumbula street 1 k-2-16, Riga, LV1035