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- 23.12.2016


Ho-Ho-HOO! Only from 24.12.2016 till 01.01.2017 you can use code 3DBNDM1Mj and get 25% discount of your shopping cart total sum!


Note: Code works in the shopping cart from total sum of the order! Models who have already discounts will not get extra discount with this code!




Black Friday Sale - 24.11.2016



Only from 25.11.2016 till 27.11.2016 you can use code 3DBNTMwOD and get 25% discount of your shopping cart total sum!

Note: Code works in the shopping cart from total sum of the order! Models who have already discounts will not get extra discount with this code!





Winner announcement! - 28.06.2016


Congratulations to users zeme (Facebook) and CG Factory (Twitter) who have won 100 Coins to their user accounts! 



Thanks to other participants, but unfortunately correct participation to this contest made only three people, who made Like&Share on Facebook or Retweeted on Twitter!

There will be new contests in future, so be more careful and read the rules if you want to participate!



Like/Share/Retweet & WIN +100 coins! - 13.06.2016

We are launching social Like/Share/Retweet campaign!




Take part and WIN +100 COINS!


All you have to do is: 

Facebook: Like & Share this post https://goo.gl/OuhWTi !


Twitter: Retweet this post  https://goo.gl/JVR2DP !


We will select 1 winner from Facebook and 1 from Twitter on 27.06.2016!

*Take in mind that you have to be registered as user at 3D Brand Models website to take part in this campaign!


What can you do with 100 Coins?


Opt. 1.  Download 20x models with 5€ value 

Opt. 2. Download 10x models with 10€ value 

Opt. 3. Download 5x models with 20€ value

Opt. 4. Download 4x models with 25€ value

Opt. 5. Download 3x models with 30€ value

Opt. 6. Boost 10x models

Opt. 7. Publish 10x links

Opt. 8. Increase +1% income


More about Coin system read HERE  ! (Sign in to read!)




HOT, HOT, VERY HOT SUMMER OFFER !!! - 13.06.2016


Only in June, July, August join us & upload models for sale! You will get 5 Coins per model!


Note: Regularly it is 2 Coins per model!



Read more about Coin system HERE  ! (Sign in to read!)







NEW! Coin system - 13.06.2016


Coin System

We have built and launched unique bonus/payment/exchange (3in1) system called COINS.



This is extra bonus point system and it's really great as with it Seller and Buyers get lot of benefits. Take in mind that 1 Coin point equals 1€.



What can you do with Coins and why you need it?


Boost your models:

Your models after some time will not be visible in first pages of gallery so it decreases your chance to sell them.

Only chance for buyer to find them is to use search or gallery filters.

With our Coin system you can boost your models - move them to first page in gallery!


Note: This will increase your chance to sell item as buyers will see your model in the

first pages of gallery like they were added just now.


Publish links:

If you are manufacturer or reseller and you have uploaded OEM models or you simple want to advert models

made by others you can add direct links to your shop!

Using our Coin system it is almost free - all you have to do is to earn Coins by uploading, selling, or buying models.


Note: Modelers or 3D artists can publish their website as well!



Increase your income %:

You can buy extra income % using Coins.

It’s fastest way to the higher incomes! No need for sale statistic!

Just upload models, collect Coins and increase your % incomes by buying them.




Note: Default income for new users are 50%! You can increase +20%!



Pay for models with Coins:

You can pay for models using your earned Coins.

Seller will receive Coins instead of money.

Income will be from 50% to 70% depending on

sellers % rate.










How to earn COINS?


Upload models:      For every uploaded models (approved by Admin), you receive +2 Coins!

                                Note: If you delete these models, you will lose -2 Coins per deleted model!


Buy models:       Buy models for real money and get Coins as bonus!

    Spend and get:

·         5€/2Coins;

·         10€/4Coins;

·         15€/6Coins;

·         20€/8Coins;

·         25€/10Coins;

·         30€/12Coins;

    More you spend real moeny, the more Coins you receive and you can use them to pay for models, so it’s similar like you earn bonus free models.


Sell models:     If your model is bought using Coins, you receive coins instead of money!

 Users who buy models for their CG projects can buy models not only with money but also with Coins, if they have earned them or received!

 Users, who only sells models can increase their incomes up to 70%, boost models or publish links!


Social ads:       Follow us on Facebook and Twitter because we will regularly launch some Like/Share/Retweet

                         campaigns and you will be able to win extra coins!


Note: In addition, there will be more ways in the future to get or spend coins!



If you have some questions, you are welcome to tell us info@3dbrandmodels.com




- 09.02.2016

Grate new to all buyers!


Only till the end of FEBRUARY we give you -25% OFF to all purchases! Use this code: 3DBNTUwMj

Note: Code works in the cart from total sum of your order! Doesn't work on products who already have discounts! Sellers get regular full incomes - sponsored by distributor!


Some of our latest great stuff:



And of course don't forget to leave some feedbacks, comments or suggestions HERE


Good luck!





Importat for GMAIL users! - 02.01.2016

There are some problems with GMAIL and our email adress!


We have found out that there are tehnical issue with Users who have GMAIL mail account !


We have been informed, that emails from ...@3dbrandmodels.com are or can be moved to your SPAM folder in your GMAIL!


If it happens, please mark these email as NOT SPAM and it should solve the problem, so they should be placed in you INBOX folder in future!


You can find more tips HERE ►


Thank you!





Referral system - 02.01.2016

Earn more by using our refferal system!


We are first one of 3D model web shops who give you opportunity to earn extra income from other sellers.

Why should you simple tell someone about where to sell 3D models on Ethernet?

Does web pages you promote in this way to your friends or other people pay you for that? Probably No! 


HOWEVER, WE WILL PAY YOU for advertising our web page!


Use this cool opportunity now! 



All you have to do is to invite new members through referral link located in your profile page referral section.




No matter who you invite, friends or strangers. No invited user limits. No income limits per month.

Just remember - they have to upload models and sell them - you will receive from us 0,50 € from each sold model. 


It is all very simple. 

For example, user who you have invited sells 20 models - you receive 10.00 €.

How about if you have 10 users? You receive 100.00 € if each of them have sold 20 models. It is grate system don't you agree?


*** Please note: Bonus in 0.50€ amount per model is paid from US not USERS income! USERS always get full 50% income from their sale! All VAT or Bonuses are paid by US or BUYERS! ***


We have designed user friendly interface where you can follow your referrals and see how much total income you have received from them.

Incomes are added right away to your user account balance and can be spent for buying models or you can withdraw them (if you have reached minimum withdrawal amount)






All you have to do is Join Us now if you haven't and invite your friends or other people (using referral link) to use our grate website.


Good luck!